how do you make money blogging


How Do You Make Money Blogging?

There's a good potential for you to make a substantial amount of money in the blogging business. It's well-understood that the online community is large and that people often flock to a variety of blogs each day. It only makes sense for you to get in the mix and take advantage of the huge numbers of traffic that come around each year.

You can get your blog to join an advertising network, for instance. The Google Adsense network is the most common kind of network to take a look at. This network uses a series of ads that can be posted onto your blog. You can place this on any part of a site and get money from the clicks that come off of such a spot. However, the advertisements may vary and you might not always get full control over what you can do.


You can also get into the Amazon Associates program to get some money for whenever someone clicks on an Amazon advertisement on your website. This is useful but only for when someone actually clicks on a link from your site. You may be able to adjust the details on the types of products that are listed on this ad though.

It may also help to sell things from a blog like virtual books. You could even get a company to privately sponsor your blog. These ideas may help you out with getting a little something extra depending on the rates that come with whatever you get. This could provide you with a sensible amount of money but only if you are aware of what you want to promote or if you choose something that is relevant to whatever is of use to you in some way.


The best thing to do when trying to make money blogging is to take a look at what the Empower Network can do for you. The Empower Network can help you to find a quality affiliate marketing program that you can enter into based on what you are interested in. You can choose a program and then create a blog based around whatever you are going to promote.

This will provide you with all the necessary links to a product. These links will go towards your account so you can get compensation for referred sales. This could provide you with a large amount of money as your blog continues to grow. Some people have been able to make thousands of dollars each month off of their blogs when they work hard enough on their projects.


The support you'd get from a good blogging platform and an easy to edit and use system for creating such a blog will definitely be of interest to you. It makes it easier for you to keep your marketing and money-making plans up and running.


It is easier to get results if you blog something about your item once each day. Regardless of how often you blog about something, you will be certain to get some strong financial benefits if you use the Empower Network system to make money blogging about whatever is of interest to you.



Happy Thanksgiving & The Empowering Your Holiday Contest

Happy Thanksgiving & The Empowering Your Holiday Contest

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Today marks an important date, for several reasons.

First, the announcement of The Empowering Your Holiday Contest (starts 12:01am Black Friday with me LIVEright here).

For the holidays, we wanted to do something special.

Something more ridiculous than ever before. We put together The Empowering Your Holiday Contest, with over $125,000 in prizes!

Check them out:

--------------start of contest---------------

First Prize:

You’ll get to choose between the gorgeous and “green” Tesla all electric super car, or the all new, American muscle, Road and Track “Performance Car of The Year” the C7 Corvette.

Tesla Electric Supercar:

C7 Corvette:

Decisions, Decisions… 

Second Prize:

Own a piece of Empower Network history that also happens to be insanely stylish and expensive :-) You’ll be brought on stage in Miami to receive David Wood's personal watch, the Rolex Daytona in gold with a diamond dial…now that’s how to tell time.

Third Prize:

Another piece of Empower Network history, our third prize finisher will be brought on stage in Miami to receive Dave Sharpe’s personal watch, The Bell & Ross Roulette, limited edition.  

Fourth Prize:

The ULTIMATE Apple Office

You’ll be rocking a fully loaded 15” Macbook Pro Retina, a fully loaded iPad Air and a Thunderbolt display…can you say gadget heaven?

Fifth Prize:

The envy-invoking iPad Air

Yep, it’s this years hottest gadget by far, faster, lighter, thinner, and it will be yours, loaded to the hilt with every option available.

6th-10th Prize:

We’ll recognize you on stage in Miami, and hand you $500 in cash to make sure you do Miami in style.

The Top 200:

We’ll be having an exclusive cocktail mixer the evening before the event.  Get up close and personal with David Wood and Dave Sharpe, and I'll be there as well.  We look forward to spending an evening celebrating your achievements and preparing for an incredible event in Miami.

We’ll be kicking things off with a LIVE webcast on Black Friday.  This is a GREAT opportunity to take advantage of all your team at home, and instead of just football or shopping, they can get plugged into an exclusive live training with Dave Wood, and of course we’ll have some Black Friday exclusive opportunities to get tickets at unheard of, Black Friday only deals.

Here’s how to win:

1.  VBS - 25 points

2.  Miami Event Tik - 25 points (75 pts max per member)

3.  2 VBS & Event Tik bonus - 50 points (daily) with a limit of three tiks per member acct.

4.  VBA - 75 Points

5.  Masters - 150 points

The Top 200 will be eligible to receive 150-point bonus for each directly sponsored affiliate that attends the Miami event.  To get the bonus, directly sponsored affiliates must register by 12:00pm EST on Saturday, January 25, 2013.  The Top 10 will be determined after bonus points are applied on Saturday, January 25, 2013. 

The contest will run from 12:01am Black Friday until January 15th…and we’ll be announcing and rewarding the winners in Miami.

So with that, Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for all of our affiliates and customers that are taking the message of hope and entrepreneurship to the world.  We’re honored to be working with you, and hope your day is full of family, friends, and food.

- Jonathan “JCron” Cronstedt

CEO, Empower Network

--------------end of contest message---------------

Honestly, I think that's the most badass contest we've ever created, and I'm excited to be handing out the prizes (including my watch) to the winners in Miami.

Tomorrow at 1pm EST, I'm popping on a live broadcast from Costa Rica show you how to make a LOT of money over the next 60 days, with what we're doing with Empower Network.

Also, at 1pm EST, tickets to our event are going on sale (one time) ...only for 1 hour.

I'll talk about it live on this page:

We're putting tickets on sale for $97, for 60 minutes, and I want you to get your teams on the livestream.

Also, pick up an extra ticket or two (or 5) for your spouse, your family, your team.

Because in January, in Miami---the vision of what we're doing here is getting a LOT bigger.

I have some important announcements to make tomorrow at 1pm EST. Login to the Members area in Empower Network, and send a personal email to your team to get them on.

I'll take care of the rest.

Here's the link again:

See you tomorrow, live.

- David Wood

P.S. Let me know how you feel about being able to literally 'take' my watch from me in Miami, along with all the other ridiculous prizes.


P.P.S. Make sure to attend  the live stream tomorrow, if you want to find out how to get the fastest results and kill it with the contest - I'll see you there!


- The EN Team

How to Make Money Writing a Blog


How to Make Money Writing a Blog - Your Way to Financial Freedom.

Writing blogs is a common way of making money while building a following a following of people who are interested in what you have to say. There is no question about the power of blogging and nowadays, it seems like everyone from home-based entrepreneurs to CEO’s of big companies are getting in on it. They obviously have a good reason for doing this-blogging makes money.


Blogs are basically tools of communication. It is a way of connecting with a particular audience and building a group of loyal readers. It takes time to build up your audience, but with a steady following, you can regularly make some cash writing blog posts. Here are some ways on how to make money writing a blog:

Find Your Niche

List down all the topics which you feel at ease writing about and all the areas here you actually have some information on or maybe have a personal experience in. 

Research how popular the topics are in order to make sure that you pick something people often search for. For instance, writing the top blog on the net about grey dogs is pointless unless people really want to read something about these dogs. You can use programs like Google's keyword tool or Market Samurai to check the number of people who actually search the topics every month. 

Carry out a search on the internet for the particular topics you have decided to focus on, and carefully go through the sites that appear on the first page. These sites will be your competition hence you need to ensure you either cover that particular topic better than them or maybe tackle it in a totally different way. 

Create your Blog

Determine the correct platform on which you want to have your blog. and permit the creation of a blog free of charge, however there are downsides. If you have extra some dollars, you can decide to acquire a hosting plan in which a bigger corporation holds you blog on their thus making it easily reached by the public. 

Create an attractive title for your blog, ensuring that it reflects on what the readers will actually get when they decide to read it. In order to guarantee having an effective blog, write a minimum of one blog post initially, and then have a consistent posting plan of not less that one time or twice every week afterwards. 

Monetize your blog

Explore various monetization forms and select the ones that best fit your topic. Certain blogs are much suitable for selling e-books, e-newsletters or white papers, whereas others work better in selling particular products, simple image link ads or text ads. You can decide to put text and image advertisements from Google AdSense on your site, sell products via Amazon's affiliate program or sell private advertisements to relevant companies.

Get Traffic to your blog

Get to know the techniques you require to make your blog have a high rank in the searching engines. Also learn how you can write compelling words in to engage the reader. Even if you monetize your blog so well, you won't make cash unless people actually visit it.

Do some research and use on-page optimization factors for instance off-page optimization and keyword placement such as Meta tags and backlinks. Sign up for reliable programs for instance The Keyword Academy in order to get to know the methods and strategies. You can also market your blog by creating Facebook fan page Twitter account for your blog. 

In conclusion, it is important to note that writing blogs is not a walk in the park. It is a slow process and the learning curve can be quite frustrating. The key is to write things that help others with a problem. Also, consider that your work on the overall organization of the site may help your pages to gain more attention, so make your content readable and interesting. With the above mentioned ways on how to make money writing a blog, you will never go wrong! 


How Much Money Can You Make Blogging


Make money through blogging.

The common question which is asked today by many people is how to make money blogging. There are couple of ways available to make money blogging and each needs a different plan and strategy to create it successfully. Some people build a handful site where they write about a money subject. You can make money by advertising on the blog and through making affiliate commission on the goods which are recommend to your readers. An authority blog is the one which will contain plenty of original content on it. This authority blog will have large number of incoming links from other sites on the internet. Due to these factors a famous blog can draw the attention of more visitors daily. With the targeted traffic, the blogger can make money. The benefit of the authority blog is which it is possibly to contain a lengthy life span. When you continue to include content and attract more links, the online presence will flourish like your income. 

The negative aspect of this blog is that it may carry more time for you to create sufficient amount of links and contents to draw large number of visitor’s every day. Most of the niches which are greatly profitable contain plenty of players with mature elements that strengthen the niche. Another strategy is to make large number of smaller blogs focusing smaller niches. Each of the blogs does not contain to have lot of pages of articles or plenty of links. Based on the number of competition in a niche, it is also highly possible to draw more visitors daily to a small blog. If you contain large number of these blogs, you can easily make more money. The negative aspect of containing numerous small blogs is that it can be hard to draw huge amount of traffic. You will likely be dependent on the search engines to get traffic and a alteration to the formula can impact the traffic. These blogs are likely to contain a shorter lifespan. When you want to get huge traffic, you have to follow some rules. First find the niche. The content should be useful and informative. Experiments with the writing style can approach you to the blogging success

Most of the blog professional says that search engine optimization does not require people. But with the growing competition, you have to consider all aspects to become successful. So it is important to select the keywords smartly and insert those keywords in the text and title of the posts. When people are impressed with your blog, they will come again, so you have to publish your articles daily. Best attractive and impressive title is the main key to get success. There are number of ways to promote your blog. The different ways include with link baiting, social bookmarking, reviews and forum, press release promotion. The best part of blogging is always making the money is by test link ads, Google ad sense, sell e-books, CPM ads, chitika, private ad sales and affiliate sales by Amazon associates and other networks. To make money blogging and to get huge amount of traffic is putting hard work of giving original content, performing SEO and keyword research. If you follow all these, you can get excellent amount of money.


How do Blogs Make Money


How to make money blogging.

A blog is the simplest types of websites to make and hence it is the easiest method to earn money online. When finding to make money online, you will want to build a website and generate more traffic to that site. When your site begins to get some amount of everyday traffic, you can select from different types of monetization choices to make revenue. After you have identified the methods to make money blogging, you will be surprised about the easy way to make money online. Certain thing you will need to remember while attempting to earn money through blogs is to blog regarding a topic which you are so familiar with. To have a successful blog, you will want to build plenty of fresh articles. 

When you know about the subject matter, it will be easy for you to write your content in the blog.There are another method to monetize your blog. The common ways are with affiliate programs, banner ads and Adsense.Checking all these monetization ways will help you to choose the combination which will make the revenue. Spending your time to check the website traffic will assist you to build strong business decisions and earn huge amount of profit. It is not sufficient to build a blog and look for the cash to begin coming. 

When you are serious and need to have substantial money from building blog, you want to promote your website. Pay per clicking, search engine optimization and email marketing are the great methods to get traffic to the website. With several kinds of monetization ways, it is essential which you perform checking and assess the blogs information to view about the form of promotion makes the huge level of traffic. You need to give more concentration to the traffic source that is generating the revenue. When some kind of visitor is changing at a great rate, you can give attention on the efforts on raising the amount of visitors you get by that source. It will assist you to raise the entire profits and make sure that you earn the money possible.

Among all the several kinds of money making online, blogging is the simplest and easiest way for the beginners to choose and to become successful. Building a blog regarding particular subject in which you so much interested and skilled will assist you to make sure that you do not keep track out of fresh articles for your blog. After posted some contents on the site, you can concentrate on the efforts on marketing your blog and generate the traffic by using different methods. You can make money through providing reviews on other people’s blog. Primarily you can charge some amount from 60 to 250 dollars to give reviews on blogs. The method is that, they will pay you by some site and you will get payment only when you give review for them. You should keep in mind writing reviews on other people` blog to make money blogging, you will need to combine both advantage and disadvantage of the blog to present people that it is honest and true review.


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